Make Your Kids Learn Coding at an early age in a fun
interactive way and make them Future Ready

About The Learning Shack

TLS is a vision of providing innovative skills to the children of today enabling them to become global citizens of tomorrow. The focus is not only on developing creative & analytical skills, active & out of the box thinking but also on empowering kids with an array of knowledge tools that makes them future ready. As module 1 of this vision, we focus on the technical aspect of knowledge and as we move forward the content will be diversified and enriched to provide an all round learning & grooming.

Learning Shack is a fun and educational game-based environment where kids, even without any prior experience, learn to code in a fun way . After completing Learning Shacks award-winning coding courses, kids will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

  • Kid Friendly
  • Interactive
  • Block Based

Why Kids should Learn Coding

With each passing day we are witnessing how ‘technology’ is changing the world & becoming inevitable in our everyday lives. Technology, which brings together tools to promote development, use and exchange information, has as its main objective of making tasks easier and solving the many problems of mankind with coding & programming forming the backbone of the technological advancements.

Coding skills provides a competitive advantage, builds overall awareness & allows kids to better understand the world around them It is fun, improves creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication & persistence – all the traits needed for personal & professional success.

Learning Coding & programming hence is no more a ‘good to have’ but mandatory for future leaders - this is the vision which drives TLS and we aim to bring the most relevant, kid friendly content to get your kids learn while having fun and make them future ready.

21st Century Skill

Better Academic

Enhance Creativity

Problem Solving

Confidence To Innovate

Analytical Skill

Saira’s video, Age 9,
The Learning Shack Coder

Learn how Saira became a Math wizard with The Learning Shack coding!

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The Expert Gurus

Best in class child educators on boarded via a broad-based selection process.

The unique 4-Eyed selection process ensures only the very best teachers make it to TLS.


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Video Interview – to evaluate knowledge, teaching skills. body language, empathy.


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